Downsview Chiropractic Massage Therapy

Keele Finch Chiropractic Centre in Downsview provides chiropractic therapeutic massage in conjunction with a complete chiropractic care plan to treat a range of biomechanical conditions and chronic pain problems. Not only does certified massage therapy that is administered by a registered practitioner help to relieve and release the muscles of the neck and back, chiropractic massage therapy has been proven to speed healing and complement as well as enhance other therapeutic procedures and techniques. Each of our Downsview registered massage therapists work closely with any of your other health practitioners to design customized therapy plans that provide speed healing and offer lasting results.

What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic Massage?

Increased Blood Circulation and Lower Blood Pressure – Clinical research has shown that chiropractic massage therapy reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure which in turn reduces cortisol levels in the body. Moderate and balanced levels of cortisol in the body regulates blood sugar levels, controls mood and reduces muscle weakness.

Releases Toxins from the Body - Chiropractic massage has been shown to help increase healthy activity of white blood cells and strengthening your immune system. In addition, certified massage therapy improves circulation, promotes good posture and improves sleep, which are all important factors in physical healing for virtually any condition. While Keele Finch Chiropractic Centre chiropractors focus on administering adjustments that ensure a healthy spine and nervous system, our Downsview massage therapists are focussed on increasing the many benefits of chiropractic care to achieve an inclusive improvement in your overall health and well-being.

Improves Mood Allowing for Increased Physical Healing - The link between body and mind cannot be denied. Chiropractic massage therapy stimulates feel good hormones in the body that calm neuromuscular pathways and offers benefits both physiologically as well as psychologically.

Improved Sleep - Releasing tension in the muscles and improving blood circulation promotes deep and restorative sleep. Chiropractic massage therapy relaxes the body as well as the mind to ensure proper sleep habits that are essential to a healthy lifestyle and recovery from any condition.

Massage Therapy Before or After Chiropractic Treatment

Conveniently located within the same facility in Downsview, Keele Finch Chiropractic Centre massage therapists work closely with your chiropractor or other health care providers and tailor therapeutic massage specifically for your condition. Ideally, massage therapy can be scheduled immediately prior or following chiropractic treatment based on the recommendations of your practitioner. Our RMTs massage encourages healthy blood circulation and lymphatic flow in the soft tissues of the muscles and tendons using slow and even pressure that gently relaxes and prepares your body for an upcoming treatment or to release any tightness following a chiropractic procedure making treatments from your chiropractor even more effective.

Massage Therapy as Part of a Complete Therapeutic Recovery Plan

Massage therapy from a qualified chiropractic massage therapist can be used as part of the therapeutic plan to treat a range of conditions without the use of harmful drugs, medications or other invasive procedures. Contact a certified massage therapist at Keele Finch Chiropractic Centre and visit our Downsview chiropractic clinic for a free consultation.