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Our Toronto patients suffer from a wide range of back pain related issues. According to the current research, four out of five adults will deal with back pain issues at least once in their lives. As such, medical options for back pain relief are wide ranging and varied. Many individuals rely on medication or opt for invasive surgery in more severe cases. However, there are natural, noninvasive methods that you may not be aware of.

What is Spinal Decompression?

A great deal of back pain issues come from problems with the discs of the spine which exist to facilitate ease of movement and prevent the vertebrae from grinding against each other. Disc related issues, such as sciatica or herniated discs, can happen for a number of reasons but many of them share a similar issue—excessive pressure and tension. Some of these issues can be dealt with by chiropractic adjustments but sometimes an extra step is required. The pressure exerted by the body on the area in question needs to be minimized.

Spinal decompression therapy (SDT) involves stabilizing one of our Toronto patients on a table, which very slowly and very gently pulls the spine. By slowly stretching the muscles in the back and elongating the spine, discs are given room to shift back into their natural shape and more oxygen, nutrients and water can access the area to help the body heal itself.

Spinal Decompression Therapy for Sciatica, Lower Back Pain, and More

Many of our Toronto patients find immediate relief with just one treatment. We invite you to contact us if you suffer from:

  • Herniated disc- a herniated disc occurs when a there is a tear in the tough lining of an intervertebral disc. The tear makes the disc severely lose functionality and cause pain that radiates from the problem area and also feels like electric shocks shooting along affected nerve pathways. By decompressing the spine, pressure is released and the disc can begin to focus on healing the tear.
  • Bulging disc - also known as a slipped disc, a bulging disc happens when the internal pressure of a disc drops and can no longer hold its proper shape; it is normally shaped like a cylinder but ends up looking more like a balloon when squeezed between two hands. This can lead to many problems but most notably is the bulge putting pressure on nerves as it presses against the spinal cord. Decompressing the area will give the disc the opportunity to regain its shape.
  • Sciatica – this all too common injury is often a side effect of a bulging or herniated disc in the lower back. The sciatic nerve runs from the lower spine to the foot and pressure on it can range from numbness to intense pain in the leg or buttocks. SDT is exceptional for those seeking sciatica relief as it designed to release pressure on the nerve.
  • Back or neck pain – Even though all back and neck pain is not necessarily caused by pressure issues on the nerves and spine, SDT can provide relief for a wide range of issues. By slowly stretching the muscles of the back all at once, the soft tissues are gently realigned into the proper position they had before they were damaged. Your chiropractor will be able to fully explain to you whether your particular issue is best remedied by chiropractic adjustments or SDT.

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